About Dyna-Plate, Inc.

Dyna-Plate, Inc. is an automated zinc barrel plating company. We have been in business for over 40 years, delivering quality to the automotive and hardware industries. Our 51,000 square foot facility includes three state of the art plating lines by Jessup Engineering, and an on-site wastewater treatment system that complies with all of the local, state, and federal environmental regulations and policies.  Our ISO scope includes Salt Spray and Thickness Testing on site.

Our Employees

Our employees are Dyna-Plate’s biggest asset. The average length of service for our employees is 20 years. They contribute daily to our success:  from our trucking service, to the quality department, to the people running the lines, to the maintenance department; everyone plays a big part in maintaining an exceptionally clean and orderly shop environment.

Our Facility

Besides Zinc Barrel plating, Dyna-plate has the capability of baking parts for the relief of hydrogen embrittlement. The baking oven reaches temperatures up to 500 Deg F.   Dyna-Plate, Inc. has the ability to pick up and deliver for our customers. Fast turn-around time is important in the industry today and with this service available it allows us to excel in that area. Dyna-Plate believes in having a clean and organized work environment.